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Welcome to Kaifa

Boosting Your Business in China

Kaifa offers advisory and operative support for clients who are, or wish to become, present on the Chinese market. We specialize in Chinese business lifecycle management, turnaround management and project control.

With significant experience and know-how from a wide range of leading positions and global assignments we guide you through a safe Chinese entry – or exit – and assist your organization to the next level of competitiveness and performance.

Our service offering is strengthened by carefully selected business partners which gives you access to an extensive network of professionals – all specialists in their field – ready to help making your journey in China safe and successful.

Northern Lights Alliance

Leading Change The Nordic Way

Kaifa is proud member of Northern Lights Alliance

Kaifa + Reno = True

To strengthen their position on the Chinese market, Kaifa and Hangzhou based HR consulting firm Reno has entered into a partnership. With common efforts the partners are able to provide a wide range of offerings, spanning from HR services such as recruitment, assessments and coaching into management consulting, performance improvement and turnaround projects.

Michael Wang (left), Managing Director of Reno, started his executive search career in 2001 and has been focusing on assignments from Scandinavian companies. In 2007, he established Reno, a China-based HR consultancy, with an ambition to become an international level service provider. With a solid understanding of western company culture and China business environment, Michael Wang and his team have become reliable HR partner for global clients and local Chinese entrepreneurs.

Johan Burtus (right), Founder and CEO of Kaifa.

Business Development

We offer advisory and operative support for your entire business life cycle in China, from entry and establishment to divestment and exit. For you to remain competitive and profitable we provide tools and know-how necessary to improve processes, shorten lead times, remove bottlenecks or boost information transparency and visibility. Through an extensive network of partners we provide a wide range of services, spanning from immigration matters, legal advisory, search for new suppliers, issues related to import and export and cross-cultural training. To put it short – we are here to help.

Turnaround Management

Business emergencies may occur due to internal or external reasons. Some situations can be resolved quickly. Others last for weeks, months – even years.

At Kaifa we have gathered experience from a wide range of crisis situations in China, from profitability problems and turnaround efforts to strikes, threats against employees and large scale divestments of business units. We help you to stay on top of the situation and work out a common plan how to not only resolve the crisis but also help you to continue on a safe, competitive and profitable journey ahead.

Project Management

Leading projects have been within our comfort zone for many years. A typical project led by us contains elements of performance improvement, process development, IT implementations, compliance and documentation.

Cost, Schedule and Performance (CSP) remains within our focus to ensure you are constantly on top of the project from initial feasibility to final delivery and closing. Risk assessment and mitigations are constantly within our radar during entire project life cycle, allowing you to identify, tackle and avoid challenges before they turn into road blocks.